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Summer Luncheons

Notes: Many of us are away during the summer months. Therefore we we will not be making reservations. However, we do know that we have members who look forward to getting together.   To accommodate them, we have decided that we will simply suggest a restaurant for each of the summer months to provide a common meeting place.  The July Luncheon is being held on the SECOND TUESDAY of the month because of the 4th of July.

Our pick for July is the Pelican Diner which has long enjoyed a reputation as a great place for Breakfast or Lunch. Ample seating, old fashioned home style food, great pies, daily and weekly specials, and, if you click on their web page in the banner above, they offer a coupon you can print. You need to scroll down below their logo to see it.

Have a question?  Need more information? Want to suggest a restaurant? Click " Contact Us ".