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The Marsh Landing Restaurant will take you back to the early Florida boom and bust times when folks lived off the land and were still settling the Florida

Located in the beautifully restored Fellsmere Estates Building the Fellsmere Estates Buildings was built in 1926 as the land sales office for the Fellsmere Estates Corporation founded by E. Nelson Fell. After the 16 inch floods in 1927 and the Depression in 1929, the Florida land boom crashed, as did the corporation. The building later became the headquarters for the Florida Crystal Sugar Company through the early 1960’s.

In October 1995, Fran Adams bought the building at public auction for historic restoration purposes. Every effort was made to refurbish the building similar to the early days. Much of the original cypress wood kept.

A "Florida Cracker" menu sports some unusual selections such as: Frog legs, catfish and gator tail, fried green tomatoes and swamp cabbage soup (actually made from palm hearts). They also have hand-cut Angus steaks, ribs, fresh seafood dishes and homemade desserts.

This was the location of the first lunch bunch luncheon several years ago. We have been back serveral times since, last time was February of 2019, and they always have taken good care of us and we usually have a good turnout.

IMPORTANT: Most of the restaurants we frequent would like a "Head Count" to let them know how many to prepare for.   It would help if we had an idea who is planning to attend.  This isn't a requirement, you can still just show up. There are several ways to contact us.

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