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Many of you will remember back in May of 2015, our last visit to the Portside, we had a long wait before our meals were served and an even longer wait before we got our bill. If memory serves, we were there over two hours. Well, the Portside Pub & Grille is under new management, and much has changed. Thanks you Jo Fancher for tipping us off to the change.

The new owner, Chef Jonathan trained at 'Simpson's in the Strand', one of London's oldest traditional English restaurants, under d'Escoffier Society Chef Gower. He has served many celebrities including: The British Royal Family, Sean Connery, Stirling Moss,Graham Hill and John Beluchi, to name a few.

The Pub itself hasn't changed, still plenty of parking, and a separate room for groups. We visited it at Jo's suggestion and were glad we did. There were 20 people for lunch, and maybe, a half dozen more at the bar. Our appetizers came within 10 minutes and the meal a short time later. Menu selection is "British American", and Tuesdays $9.95 special is Bangers & Mash.

We urge you to click on the "Menu" button and look over their four page menu. Everything from steaks, seafood (many varieties), crab, escargot, poutine, fish & chips, jambalaya, somerset pie,shepherd's pie, maryland style chicken, sandwiches & burgers.

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