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Notes: Many of us are away during the summer months. Therefore we we will not be making reservations. However, we do know that we have members who look forward to getting together. To accommodate them, we have decided that we will simply suggest a restaurant for each of the summer months to provide a common meeting place

We haven't been to this place since it was Suzy’s Tiki. New owners took it over in 2011 and seems to have become a very popular place. While it is well known as an evening night spot, we have heard many reports that it is a nice place to spend a relaxing lunch and have a quiet drink. The menu is mostly sandwiches, and prices are reasonable. The have daily specials and the special on Tuesdays is "Steamed Clams". Checking their reviews they come in with 4 to 4½ stars most places. The only knock that I have seen is a few complaints of slow service but they have been at night when they are the busiest. Let's give them a try and see how it works out.

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