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This restaurant has limited accommodations.  For that reason it is important that we be able to give them an accurate headcount so they can prepare for us. Use the "I plan to Attend" button above, or your web based email, or if you are not comfortable with computers, just give Jackie a call at 585-329-2729

About the Chubby Mullet

This Restaurant/Bar/Grill came to us highly remcommended by a squadron member. Dick and I checked it out in mid January and were pleasantly surprissed. While the menu is primarily baskets, tacos, and sandwiches, they do have salads and burgers. The house specialty is Conch, which can be had as a basket, as a taco, as a dinner, as fritters, or as a sandwich. On our visit they had Grouper Cheeks on special. We both had a basket, mine fried, his blackened. Both were excellent as was the clam chowder. Located just 4.7 miles - 8 minutes from the Sebastian Yacht Club it is in the northeast corner of the Marina building on the Lagoon. Nice atmosphere, and service was above average.

For seating they have both booths and tables, as well as outdoor seating. Like the old Fish House in Grant, they use plastic silverware to limit discharging of harsh chemical detergents into the lagoon. 

The PDF menu at the top of the page is more up-to-date than the one they display on their web page at the time of this writing.

Coming by boat? They have boat mooring for guests, and are located just west of Channel Marker 58 @ Latitude N 27° 52" 10' Longitude W 80° 29" 39'.

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