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about the restaurant

This is the old Eagle's Nest Restaurant. The City of Sebastian contracted with Wesley Campbell (Mo Bay Grill) to run the new remodeled and renamed restaurant. Unlike the Mo Bay Grill, the menu here is American. Their web page appears not to be finished yet, and didn't show their breakfast or lunch menus. Clearly they are still in start-up mode. We read the reviews and some weren't very kind so we decided to try it ourselves.

The first thing we noticed is the decor which is very much improved, with indoor and outdoor seating, lots of windows. The wait staff was friendly, enthusiastic, but despite their desire to please, they could use a little training. The menu for lunch seems a bit sparse, but we found things we liked and the food was excellent, but not cheap. All in all, this may be a diamond in the rough, I am sure once they get over their startup rough spots it will be a gem.

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